CEUL024721 - Building Better Balance

Offered By
Great Lakes Seminars

2768 Centennial Road
Toledo, OH  43617  USA

Course Description:

This course is practical and utilizes an evidence-based approach to balance dysfunction for the adult population. Course material will include an overview of how the musculoskeletal system, sensorimotor control systems (proprioception, vision, vestibular) and the contributing elements of central nervous system relate to balance dysfunction. Clinicians will develop an understanding of the manner in which sensory input is coordinated and executed to achieve and maintain postural control. This class will allow participants to utilize relevant information from each system to apply effective manual therapy techniques and choose relevant therapeutic exercise to create a comprehensive balance training program for their patients.

CEU Credits: 16.00

Type of Course: In Person

Course URL:  

Course Dates To Be Offered:

Jun 1, 2019 to Jun 2, 2019 | Detroit MI


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