CEUL028627 - Assessment and Management Of hip and knee Simplified for rehab Professionals

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Rehab Seminars LLC

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Course Description:

The role of physical therapy in the management of lower extremity disorders is vital fol-lowing injury or degenerative changes. The prevalence of hip OA being reported up to 27% in populations over age of 50, and an estimate of 250000 people living in the world with this in the knee should just be enough to indicate the need for physical therapy. The need for this is being emphasized in all major consensus statements around the world. There is lot of confusion and increased knowledge about these joints and the plethora of conditions other than the osteoarthritis in the form injuries and disease making the new age clinician in the field of physical therapy to be constantly updating him/herself to meet the challenge effectively. The decreasing reimbursement places an urgent need to be more effective in a shorter available time frame. This course is designed in mind for that clinician who is involved in providing physical therapy in various settings for the afflictions in and around this joint. A review of anatomy wand mechanics of these joints in daily functional tasks will start the course.The course will then provide a quick and recently validated evidence based assessment with proven tests and measures. Participant will also be able to review and practice current evidence based treatment modalities. The course also provides a quick review of the surgical procedures performed in and around these joints and the physical therapy care associated with these procedures.The clinician teaching this course with long experience in this field also inculcates the need for ap-proaching each patient/clients problem in a bio-psychosocial model. The need to under-stand and incorporate principles of regional interdependency will be highlighted. The course information will be in line with the orthopedic section of APTA “ clinical practice guidelines ” as published in their website thus bringing the participant to the understand-ing of the contemporary thought process in managing this region. The course participant should be able to easily asses these joints in a structured manner and incorporate the evidence based treatment strategies in his day to day practice following their attendance

CEU Credits: 8.00

Type of Course: In Person

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Course Dates To Be Offered:

Feb 3, 2019 to Feb 3, 2019 | Farmington Hills MI


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