CEUL029197 - Amputee Walking School

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Amputee Walking School

50 Bryant Avenue
Roslyn, NY  11576  USA

Course Description:

Professionals in the field of rehabilitative therapy and sports, who interact with disabled individuals at
the early stage of rehabilitation, need training on exercise and physical activity prescriptions for those
with permanent disabilities. In education programs, therapists receive little training on the
biomechanics of prosthetic devices and how to teach the amputee how to run, jump, bend and
maneuver with the device. By providing such training, the therapist can introduce these principles to
the disabled patient early in the rehabilitation process and thus orient him/her toward an active,
productive lifestyle.
The programs will greatly enhance the basic training physical therapists receive in school. The high level
training and advanced exercises are appropriate for use with patients of all ages to improve ambulation.
These programs will introduce exercises and stretches for lower limb amputees of all ages and various
levels of amputation. Treatment approaches for improved function and to return the amputee to an
active lifestyle. This will also include instruction on advanced exercises and running techniques for
above- and below-knee amputees.
Although participants may not initially be interested in competition, amputee and orthopedically
impaired individuals desire to learn to achieve the best performance from their orthotic or prosthetic
devices. Understanding the dynamics of how the artificial devices work, and how to use their muscles
properly to control these devices will enable individuals with disabilities to run, move from side-to-side,
bend down, jump, climb stairs and walk with confidence. With increased strength and flexibility,
participants will be able to operate more efficiently, expend less energy and, thus, do more each day
without fatigue.
These programs provide hands-on participation techniques. The amputees go through the full-range of
stretching and strengthening exercises, assisted by a trained professional and/or their spouse/family
member. Those amputees who are more advanced are taught how to run, while others have the
opportunity to review the basic exercises, are shown advanced options to work towards and then
coached on ways to improve their walking gait.

CEU Credits: 5.00

Type of Course: In Person

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Course Dates To Be Offered:

Jan 26, 2019 to Jan 26, 2019 | Detroit MI
Apr 27, 2019 to Apr 27, 2019 | Detroit MI
Jul 27, 2019 to Jul 27, 2019 | Detroit MI
Oct 26, 2019 to Oct 26, 2019 | Detroit MI


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